We are delighted with the way we were able to scale our customer support with Hippo Video. The best part is, you don’t even have to be an expert at creating videos because their interface is easy and straightforward.

Andrew Moses
Founder, Tenantcube

  • The ability to create and process videos with ease.
  • Easy to adapt intuitive user interface.
  • Ability to record and share a video as a link in one click.
  • Facility to access and manage all the videos in a centralized location.
  • Cut down ticket resolution time by 50% through Freshdesk integration.


Tenantcube helps clients solve their business problems through customized SaaS solutions. They also specialize in finding the root cause of a client problem thereby resolving business problems, at all levels.


Tenantcube aims at finding ways to boost their customer support to make the process of solving customer issues easier. The actual struggle comes while trying to communicate with their customers to understand their needs. Getting the necessary information from the customer in text format or a call was time consuming and often ended up in failure. Since these were the only available options through which they could communicate with the client. They started looking for a video solution to make the process effective. The tool had to provide them with the facility of sharing videos easily as well.


By using videos for customer support, customers were able to follow instructions easily. Customer support agents found it a lot easier to communicate with customers via this new approach. One great advantage is, there is no need for the customer support team to repeat the instructions several times anymore.

Tenantcube also created product videos and put it across a few platforms. Clients were able to understand what exactly the team wanted to deliver. They felt that product videos were way better than explaining the product over email or chat. It also helped other clients browse through their videos. Thereby, generating leads.

Users don’t have to worry about sharing or exporting their video because sharing is only a step away.

All the videos created by Tenantcube are being managed in a centralized location.


Hippo Video reduced the ticket resolution time for Tenantcube. Thereby, improving the overall customer experience. They were able to simply hit the record button, capture what's going on and deliver what they wanted to.

Hippo Video helped Tenantcube scale their processes to a great extent and save significant amount of time.